Integrated Weed Management: One Year's Seeding...

This extension bulletin was published in February 2005 as the result of a collaborative effort among researchers, extension specialists, and producers to fufill the lack of information available on sustainable weed management.

Topics covered in the 112 page, all-color bulletin include:

  • Weed Life Cycles and Seedbank Dynamics

  • Soil Properties

  • Soil Organic Amendments

  • Tillage

  • Integrated Crop and Weed Management

  • Crop Rotation

  • Physical Weed Management

  • Herbicide Management

  • Biological Weed Management

  • Prevention: A Key to Long-term Management

How to Order "One Year's Seeding..."

To obtain a copy of the Integrated Weed Management bulletin (Inventory # E2931) please visit the Michigan State University Extension Bookstore.

Also check out our latest IWM bulletin "Fine Tuning the System" (E-3065).