It’s hot out, just the way Palmer amaranth likes it

-E. Taylor (Hill)

Indigenous to the Southern U.S., Palmer amaranth thrives in the hot weather. It is able to grow one or more inches in a single day. These photos were taken in soybean in Southwest Michigan, where glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth has been found only in the last couple of years. Graduate student David Powell is working alongside Christy Sprague to determine effective control measures for Palmer amaranth in Michigan to help prevent the spread of this highly competitive weed.

Links about Palmer amaranth

2 Responses to “It’s hot out, just the way Palmer amaranth likes it”

  1. Frankie Goes says:

    Are these three pictures taken at the same spot?

  2. Erin Hill says:

    These photos are all taken in the same field, but not necessarily the exact same spot.

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