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2015 Weed Control Guide now available!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

-E. Hill

2015WG_coverThe 2015 Weed Control Guide for Field Crops has just been posted for viewing at!


Annual SVREC field day + Sugar beet harvest equipment

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

-E. Hill

The annual field day at the Saginaw Valley Research and Extension Center (aka SVREC or Bean & Beet) took place on August 26th this year. Each year the field day showcases the latest and greatest research going on at the farm. This year we were also the first stop on the American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists tour and so the day also featured some of the new harvest technologies being introduced to Michigan.

Tour stops included the following presenters and topics of discussion:

  • Greg Varner and Karen Cichy- 2014 dry bean crop, issues seen with white mold, etc., and breeding efforts underways with the USDA
  • Jim Kelly- MSU dry bean breeding program efforts, new variety releases, including Zenith, a new black bean variety
  • Linda Hanson and Lee Hubble- Diseases in sugar beet, new Rhizoctonia spp. nursery, other sugar beet issues for 2014
  • Kurt Steinke- Soil fertility management for sugar beet, new website launch
  • Chris DiFonzo- History, use, and future considerations for neonicotinoid insecticides
  • Christy Sprague- Weed control issues in sugar beets, including considerations to avoid and manage herbicide resistant marestail and Palmer amaranth

After a hearty lunch, we also had the opportunity to view some of the newer sugar beet harvest equipment that can be seen around the state…see pictures below.


2014 Organic Dry Bean Webinar: Archived and available for viewing

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

-E. Hill


At the end of March, Jim Heilig and I presented a webinar through eOrganic regarding the findings of our two dissertation research projects. The webinar was titled “Breeding efforts and cover crop choices for improved organic dry bean management.” The cover crop component specifically addresses how weeds were impacted by clover, oilseed radish, and rye cover crops, in comparison with a no cover crop treatment.

The eOrganic webinar has been archived and can now be viewed any time: eOrganic MSU Dry Bean webinar



Harvests draw the 2013 field season to a close

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

-E. Hill

In mid-September we began harvesting sugarbeets, followed by soybeans, corn, and the last of the organic dry beans were hand harvested at the end of October. Only a couple studies remain as we plant wheat, till, and prepare for next year. Over the winter our greenhouse research program picks up and we disseminate what we have learned at winter meetings.


Last dry bean hand harvest at the MSU Agronomy Farm

Organic field day- September 2013

Monday, September 9th, 2013

-E. Hill


I had the opportunity to present some of my latest and greatest results from my Organic Dry Bean Production Systems research at 3 of my on-farm locations. We traveled from Columbiaville to Caro and then all the way over to Alma, MI. It was a great opportunity to share the impacts of cover crops on dry beans with local organic growers. The impacts discussed included: nitrogen availability, weed population dynamics, and yield. Stay tuned for more results coming on this project as we begin the 3rd, and final, year’s harvest. We will also be presenting at the Organic Agriculture Research Field Day at the Kellogg Biological Station on October 10, 2013.


Sept 6 Organic Field Day_ Vicki Morrone (7)

Sept 6 Organic Field Day_ Dean Baas (3)